Graphic Design

Guest Guides

The majority of my work over the years has been the daily production of guest guides for resorts, campgrounds, and county chambers of commerce. I’m responsible for 50% of the layout in most cases, adhering to a standard template. I would illustrate the maps, design the advertisements, and procure graphic images to create an appealing publication. In a way, designing these use a combination of all my skills in technical illustration, business card/flyer design, and logo design. Here are a few examples.

Business Cards

In addition to designing guest guides on a daily basis, I can also make a pretty mean business card. On the surface, it seems like a quick and easy job, but really there’s more to it than jumping on Vistaprint and have a card done in a few clicks. I can always spot a Vistaprint card. Always. Sometimes it’s worth it to get something tailored just for you. Treat yourself!


Designing Flyers are fun. A lot more work goes into these than people realize. You have to know the target audience, get the general vibe of the event and venue, and you also have to adhere to the wishes of the client. Once you have a general idea of what to design, then you have to factor in the formats – is it going to be printed, or is it solely for online promotion? Flyers are always one of the most creative projects I have the pleasure of working on.


I’ve heard the argument many times before that “hey, a logo is just a little icon and the name of a company. How hard can it be?” Very. A logo represents you, your company, and affects your whole corporate identity. Some designs will have revision after revision either because the client isn’t sure, there’s a committee review process, or the designer can’t settle on one idea. What’s important when choosing to begin the design process is to communicate the function of the logo. How does it represent your company? What’s the industry? Are there any characteristics of other logos out there in the wild that you admire? Once the designer has an understanding, it makes the process flow much smoother.

And don’t forget, when it’s all said and done, we give you a package of logos for print, web, embroidery, and large format use!

Banner Ads

Banner ads are quick and fun. They differ from the typical print ads I’m accustomed to making in that you need them to grab a person’s attention just enough to get them to click on it. Also there’s no need to cram as much info into them as possible, so it’s a good way to get creative. These following ads were designed for a travel search engine.

Vehicle Wraps

I wish I had more pictures of the work I’ve done for large-format printing. I’ve designed vehicle wraps, die-cut decals, and storefront window wraps for a few years now. Sadly a server hard drive corrupted a lot of that data. Anyway… here’s Wonderwall.