Pueblo West

The Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce was adamant about getting a brochure that contained all of their streets. This posed a challenge because the initial quote for the job (a renewal from the previous year) had the overall page size set at 25″ x 11″. It would have been possible, but would have rendered the final product useless due to street names being illegible. It was decided that we’d increase the size to accommodate all of the city streets, but this created another issue – what do we fill the other side of the brochure with? Eventually the client provided us with a pdf of the city’s magazine and it was left up to me to decide the most relevant information to glean and them incorporate into this design.

The map drawn in Illustrator and layout was done in InDesign. Overall size is a 27.75″ x 18″ brochure roll-folded down to 4″x9″. Design; mapping; layout; advertisements; fold – created by Luke Steward.

Pueblo West

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